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Hello Mentor is your golden ticket to knowledge, insights, and experience.

We do this by connecting you with inspiring IT mentors and offer you the best possible insights into career opportunities.

Hello Mentor bridges the gap between your study and career.

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Why Hello Mentor?

Hello Mentor is a free ongoing program that helps you to tap into a wealth of knowledge and get you up to speed faster, ask everything you want to know and shorten your learning curve.

You will get connected to inspiring mentors with a background in Computer Science, Data Science, AI, Information Science, Econometrics and/or Entrepreneurship background.

You will become part of a community, where you can share knowledge, start discussions and build your network.

Access to exclusive (online) events like Deep-tech sessions and Hack Challenges at/ with partnering companies. 

Hello Mentor On-demand

Are you a student or graduate and looking for knowledge, experience and/or a network? We offer you a mentor where- and whenever. 

Online platform

Via our online platform will meet all the inspiring mentors and get the opportunity to choose the mentor you connect the most with.

Mentor Sessions

One-to-one meetings with your mentor to help you with your personal ánd professional development. You will have one (physical) session with your mentor each month of approximately one hour.

Hack into Tech

Join us online in inspiring deep-tech sessions hosted by future leaders, leading tech companies and startups that will change the way you think.

Do you want to broadcast your skills? We host a 10-day Hack Challenge for you to develop your best ideas.

Experiences of our students

Is there a better way to get to know the program than to share experiences of mentees who have participated in the program themselves?

Haivas Eduard

Free University of Amsterdam

“Found a really interesting mentor and friend, and I am really happy that he had similar questions about life at my age, just like me now.”

Chris Cybulski

Maastricht University

“My mentor’s work and career history is very similar to what I’d like to do in the future, so it’s amazing to hear stories from his perspective.”

Eric Zielinski

Free University of Amsterdam

“My previous career experience working directly with clients and doing business development makes me a better candidate than a normal CS grads because I have more than one frame of reference.”

How do you become part of Hello Mentor?

We are looking for intrinsically motivated students who want to boost their employability for the job market.

You have to be interested in becoming partof a talented community of students, mentors and IT companies

Are you studying Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science equivalent in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics and are you in your second year of your bachelor or master?

We are happy to help you!

Join Hello Mentor

Join Hello Mentor and get your golden ticket to knowledge, insights, and experience. Become part of the network and help bridge the gap between study and career.

Student Graduate

Expand your knowledge and network. Become part of this talented community and join now!


Hello Mentor offers you a platform to a lasting connection with STEM-students and graduates. You will be able to share insights and find the best talent out there.


Always interested in paying your knowledge forward? And do you have a STEM-background that matches our mentees interests? 

Still have any questions left?

Contact us anytime!

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