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Utilizing your network

A great way of using the power of the people is by bringing in another expert into the mix. It might be that your mentee has been practicing for an interview with you, that you two reviewed code, or even explored multiple domains of the labor market. A great way to dive deeper into the knowledge your mentee has acquired is by bringing in another person’s perspective.

Here are some approaches your fellow mentors take:

1. Speed-dates

Is your mentee interested in multiple work fields or specializations? Or do they still contemplate different follow-up studies? Invite a colleague, or a friend who has that experience or expertise to chat with your mentee. Another effective way of learning is just by asking all the questions you have. Together you could prepare and reflect later, or go with the flow. That is up to you two!

2. Mock-up interview

You already might have been practicing for a job interview, maybe also by doing a mock-up interview or technical assignment. But have you thought of bringing in another person to do the mock-up interview? Since your colleague and mentee probably haven’t built a relationship yet, it is an ideal way to simulate a realistic job interview within a safe environment.

3. Talk to an expert

Both of the ways above can apply to this suggestion, but it is worth mentioning it specifically. Bringing in a colleague with recruitment experience to review and give tips for the CV, or inviting the Data Science Trainee from your department to share the ins and outs of what working as a junior trainee means. As Albert Einstein said: “The only source of knowledge is experience”.

4. Bring peers into the mix

A last gripping way to bring in a new perspective is having your mentee chat with his/her network and peers. If they are searching, doubtful, indecisive, or just curious about what the next step for them would be, who knows what fits better than their closest friends and family? An easy exercise is asking five people what they think would be the best fit for them. That input is of great value for the two of you to reflect upon in your next chat.

Did you already bring in another person for the mentorship? Great! Let us know how you approached it for us to learn from you too.

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