Our Solutions

At Hello Mentor we always ensure to give you the best service we can. We offer tailored and scalable solutions that are modeled to best suit your needs.

Pay only per connection made

You choose the number of connections you want to make with prospective mentees and you only pay for that. No additional bills or fees.

Full adaptability of our solutions

From startups to corporates, we offer a wide range of mentoring packages that are fully adaptable to the needs of your company

Full tax deductibility of the mentoring program

Our mentoring program is completely tax deductible and helps to attain CSR goals.

Our Services

Hello Mentor offers technology- driven employers a strategic platform to attract and retain high- potential talents, increase engagement and accelerate talent development.

Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program entails at least 6 meetings of 1 hour between mentor and mentee during our 4-months program, plus meet-up and community events.

Community Events

Deep diving in topics such as mentoring skills to guide the mentors and ensure top quality of the program.

Talent Pools

Get in touch with a diverse and inclusive community of ambitious students thatwant to create links and find out more about your company.

How Does it Work?


Fill in the apply form and get matchmade by Hello Mentor’s AI

Specify how many connections you want to make

Create your profile and identify two learning objectives

Give employees access to become a mentor

Meet your mentors and choose the one that’s ideal for you


Create your profile and identify two learning objectives

Get updated about progress and metrics

Create your profile and identify two learning objectives

Become part of Hello Mentor. Get in touch.

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