by Hello Mentor

Mentorship is (nearly) finished!

Since you are near the end of your mentorship, it is time for you and your mentee to gather all wins, write down what you both have learned, and make the final report.

Our tips for rounding up are:

1. Reflect on the learning objectives. What steps have you been able to take? What did the mentee learn? And also what not? Or did you change route and aim towards new objectives? Then, what is their status?

2. Give each other feedback. What has been the growth you’ve seen? Or what habit is still to be improved? It is crucial, though, to be honest, and give feedback constructively.

3. Make a Plan for the Future. This plan can entail anything, such as:

  •  What steps will the mentee take themselves to keep growing?
  •  Which goal do they want to achieve and within which period?
  •  Will you two check in once the mentee hits another challenge? Or when they reach their main goal?

As soon as you have finished your last session, we would love to know how you’ve experienced this process, what your main learnings are, and what we can improve!

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