Mentor Marsha van Alphen

by Hello Mentor

Mentor Alert – Marsha van Alphen

⚠️⚠️ In today’s #mentoralert we are introducing Marsha van Alphen, a Technology Consultant at PwC. Marsha is a young, confident, and inspiring mentor with a great set of skills and a well-diversified background too!

She has a BSc in Management, an MSc in Strategic Management, and an MBA in Chinese Business and emerging technologies. And to not forget, during her graduate internship at PwC, she studied the application of blockchain technologies in the food sector. ??

Before working at PwC, Marsha worked in different sectors and started her own online webshop, an example of the strength she has in taking further steps in her career! ?‍?

As Technology Consultant at PwC, Marsha is in charge of large-scale digital transformation and IT strategy of their clients. ?

We are glad to have skilled mentors like Marsha on board helping young professionals navigate their way to success. Thank you for your contribution, Marsha!

#mentor #IT #career

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