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by Hello Mentor

Mentor Alert – Rehan Syed

Let’s greet Rehan Syed, User Experience Specialist and mentor from RIPE NCC!

Rehan is a deeply inspiring mentor with more than 12 years of experience in UX and web design. He previously studied Calligraphy and Psychology, and has also been certified as UX Manager & Researcher from Nielsen Norman Group! ?

At RIPE NCC, Rehan works on the company-wide level strategy for UX: the building of strategical UX framework for the company, setting up key metrics and funnels for ROI, as well as driving and conducting usability research are just some of his everyday tasks! ?

Rehan joined Hello Mentor a few months ago, and at the end of March, he hosted our first “Mentors on stage” event: a super-interesting moment where our community learned more about UX design, and how it can be applied to most of the situations that we experience! Also, Rehan is currently mentoring Jelle van Lieshout, a bright mentee studying at the TU Delft.

We are so happy to have inspiring and skilled mentors like him on board. Thanks for being with us, Rehan! ??

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