Mentor Kosta Papadopoulos

by Hello Mentor

Mentor Alert – Kosta Papadopoulos

Let’s greet Konstantinos Papadopoulos, Senior Consultant in Financial Services Technology at PwC Nederland!

🇬🇷 Originally from Greece, Kosta is a friendly and deeply encouraging mentor with a solid background in economics and finance. He has a BSc in International Economics, an MSc in Accounting & Finance and he is certified in Digital Transformation in Financial Services. Previously, he worked for different companies as a Financial Analyst. ⚙️

At PwC, he helps banks and insurance companies create value through technology, specifically by driving large-scale transformations to execution. He is also PwC Values Ambassador and Supporter against inequality and poverty at ActionAid! 👏👏

Kosta shares with Hello Mentor the passion to help students and recent graduates find their path in the corporate world. Therefore, he started his mentorship with Saurabh Jain to assist him in optimally managing the choices for a bright career. 🚀

We are excited to have motivated mentors like Kosta that fully endorse our values. Also, we really look forward to the great steps that he and his mentees will take together!

Thanks for being with us, Kosta!

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