Mentor Ed Lo

by Hello Mentor

Mentor Alert – Ed Lo

Today we share the story of Ed Lo, Senior Product Analyst at Uber.

Ed is a skilled mentor with lots of international work experience. His passion for doing the right thing and curiosity have led him across three continents in various roles in Business Operations and Product Analytics. He has a BSc in Computer Science and an MSc in Design Science from the University of Sydney. ?

Ed has been working at Uber since 2015. Now, his current responsibilities include finding new business opportunities by deeply analyzing product and user data, running experiments, and managing complex stakeholder environments across global teams. ?

Ed has recently found a match in Hello Mentor’s March cohort with Julian Van Meggelen. Together they are focusing on career planning and exploring the different pathways into analytics, data science, and business strategy.

We warmly thank Ed for sharing his story and for his commitment to helping new generations find their way to success. ?

Interested in being a mentor like Ed and nurturing students’ knowledge further? ? Apply now!

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