Agile professional and mentor Bob

by Hello Mentor

Mentor Alert – Bob Vonken

Let’s introduce Bob Vonken, mentor, agile coach, and enthusiast!

Bob is a friendly and smart professional with a broad background. He completed a BSc in Technology Management and has been working for more than 10 years in the IT domain for different companies, and covering multiple roles. ?

Bob takes care of coaching teams when it comes to challenging projects and complex organizational structures. He helps them make the right decision with his wide knowledge of agile methodologies. ? ?️

He possesses undisputed leadership skills and, in his own words, “what thrives me most is helping people & teams to reach their goals. Also, throughout my career, I’ve had multiple mentors who helped me shape my path. I couldn’t imagine figuring out everything on my own and overcoming all obstacles without their help!” ?

Bob joined Hello Mentor in February and has started a mentorship program in March with Pelle Drijver, a BSc student in Computer Science at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam).

Are you a student or recent graduate, with a strong passion for tech? Are you looking to find a mentor like Bob? Apply now!

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