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Know your mentee – Sofia Yang

Today we introduce you to Sofia Yang, a bright and kind mentee originally from Indonesia. She is now residing in the Netherlands since the start of her Master’s courses. ?? ??

Sofia is a tech-savvy student and has a BA in Communication Studies and is currently pursuing a research MSc in Communication Science at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. She recently concluded her internship program at KesselsKramer – an advertising agency based in Amsterdam. She is now working as a B2C Marketing Communication Intern at Signify. These opportunities have provided her a hands-on experience in different contexts of digital marketing, such as digital analytics and search engine optimization. ?

Wanna know a fun fact about her? When starting one of her previous working experiences, she mispronounced the surname of her Dutch interviewer when talking to the receptionist…eventually turning it into the name of a fish! ??

Sofia found a match with Olga Martens-Stuurman, Director Work of Future at HP. ?‍?

We are so glad to have talented women in tech like Sofia and Olga with us. We really thank Sofia for sharing her story! ?

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