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Know your mentee – Simone Smits

In today’s #KnowYourMentee we are sharing the story of Simone Smits, a first-year MSc. Engineering and Policy student at the TU Delft – Technology, Policy, and Management!

⚗️ Simone has a BSc. in Nanobiology from the TU Delft and has been involved in multiple projects throughout the years. Just to name one, she was the project manager of the Driverless car of Formula Student Team Delft last year. There she worked together with a team of engineers from Delft and MiT to develop a fully driverless car! ?️

At Hello Mentor, she has started a thrilling mentorship together with one of our coolest mentors, Santiago Aragón from ING Nederland. They are focusing on T-shape learning and other topics, such as goal setting, startup management, and cybersecurity.
In her own words, “I always get a lot of new insights, recommendations to read and new fields to discover!”. ?‍??

Simone loves being creative and making music, and she is currently president of the Lustrum Music Album Committee of her student association! ?

Want to enter our program as Simone did? Sign up now!

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