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by Hello Mentor

Know your mentee – Darius Ivascu

Darius Cristian Ivascu shares his story with us today: he is a 2nd year BSc international student from Romania, studying Computer Science and Engineering at TU Delft. ?️

Darius developed a great passion for computer science from a very young age, learning how databases work since he was 12 years old. He is a very friendly person that loves traveling, meeting new people and skiing. He has also been a part-time teaching assistant at his university! ? ?‍?

At Hello Mentor, Darius is being mentored by Priya Kesar, Digital Identity consultant at PwC Nederland. Together they’re working on multiple learnings. For example, how the job market is structured; how to find the most suitable job; finally, how to keep a good balance between work and life. ?

While looking forward to traveling around the world and building software that the world can use in the future, Darius loves to think this way: never refuse a drink, it’s a great chance to meet amazing new people from different fields and learn much from everyone! ??

We are grateful that motivated mentees like Darius and inspiring mentors like Priya found a match together at Hello Mentor, and we wish them the best of luck in the completion of their mentorship program! ?

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