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by Hello Mentor

Know your mentee – Chris

In today’s #KnowYourMentee we are sharing the story of Chris Slewe, a second-year MSc. Artificial Intelligence student at Universiteit Utrecht!

Chris has a BSc. in Psychology from Universiteit Leiden, and he participated in multiple projects throughout the years. From manager in different roles at UniPartners Leiden to teaching assistant at his University, Chris recently finished writing his MSc thesis at TNO. In particular, he centered the work around the generation of a textual description of objects and their spatial relation for a scene! ?

At Hello Mentor, he found his mentor in Margreet Oostenbrink within our June Cohort. Obviously, we are looking forward to knowing more about the objectives they will accomplish together!

Do you want to know an interesting fact about Chris? Amongst his various working experiences, he has been a military working student for the Ministry of Defence at Defensity. During this journey, he was able to get a two-week military basic training, as well as work on a range of artificial intelligence projects for two days a week. ?

We really thank Chris for sharing his story. While we wish the best of luck to him and Margreet in their program. Let’s stay tuned for the next story in the upcoming week’s “Know your Mentee”! ?

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