Our mentee with a background in international relations Anastasia

by Hello Mentor

Know your mentee – Anastasia Pirvu

Curious to know more about our community? Let’s meet our bright mentee, Anastasia Pirvu!

Anastasia is currently finalizing a consultancy project for the European Commission. She holds a BA in Political Science from Stockholms Universitet and a MA in International Relations from Universiteit Leiden. These studies took her to many different places, such as the Embassy of Sweden in Tel Aviv! 🌍

Anastasia is also interested in Data Science – and how to bring together her background with data-driven solutions, to achieve sustainable results.

And… guess what? This very year she took the leap by completing a coding boot camp at CodeOp. She’s now looking for an exciting position as a data analyst! πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

We are so glad to have bold mentees like Anastasia on board. We’re excited for her to find her way in tech through the help of her mentor Sofia Herrero Villarroya! All the best in your mentorship program together! 😍

Are you in a similar situation as Anastasia, looking to change your future? Apply now at Hello Mentor, it’s free!

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