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What do we offer you?

Deep-Tech sessions

Bi-weekly deepening insights about Tech and the industry

Inhouse Videos

You will become part of a community, where you can share knowledge and network

10-day Hack Challenge

A 10-day Hack Challenge to develop your best idea ever

Our partners


Students or recent graduates from a Tech/STEM study.

(Computer Science, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Information Science, Econometrics, Design & Math)


10 Aug – Deep-Tech Session

24 Aug – Deep-Tech Session

7 Sep – Deep-Tech Session

21 Sep – 10 day Hack-Challenge kick-off

5 Oct – 10 day Hack-Challenge Finale

5 Oct – Hello Mentor Program Starts

19 Oct – Deep-Tech Session

Join Hack into Tech

Student Graduate

The place to get to know yourself and the tech world better.


Hello Mentor Hacks into Tech originated from the desire to reach Talent for the Future from and outside Hello Mentor online, but above all to fascinate.


We believe in the power of connecting and working together. Do beautiful things together to make the world a bit more beautiful.

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