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Growth and fixed mindset

Mindset is everything.

We most likely are all familiar with the importance of mindset. The greatest visionary and biggest dreamer often takes it the furthest. George Washington, Socrates, Martin Luther King Jr. all had one great thing in common: a growth mindset. They could set aside all that was known as usual and saw possibilities, which resulted in revolutionary actions and shifts in the world as they knew it.

Opposite to this growth mindset is the fixed mindset. A fixed mindset is when people believe their qualities and talents are set and cannot be grown. Fixed mind setters see challenges as obstacles (as opposed to opportunities) and are afraid to fail. Failing would mean they are not capable of mastering these challenges since growth and learning are not an option for them.

However opposing the two mindsets may sound, they exist on a continuum. And while everyone’s mindset is a mixture of fixed and growth, we all have a natural preference for one over the other.
Good news though, shifting your mindset towards growth is possible!

The right mindset can change your whole perspective. Having a growth mindset has many tremendous benefits. It makes a person embrace the lessons from failures, become a lifelong learner, a seeker of challenges, and it opens them up for valuable feedback whenever given.

But to change your mindset, you firstly need to be aware of it. Therefore, we have summed up some differences:

Fixed: That job position is totally out of my league. I’ll pass.
Growth: That job position looks challenging. Let me apply for it.

Fixed: I only stick to what I know.
Growth: I don’t mind trying new things.

Fixed: That’s just who I am. I can’t change it.
Growth: I am always learning and growing in the phase of challenges.

Fixed: I’m too shy to do public speaking.
Growth: I can become a great public speaker through practice.

Fixed: I don’t want to hear your feedback.
Growth: I actively seek constructive feedback.

Fixed: I feel threatened by my colleagues’ success.
Growth: I am inspired by my colleagues’ success, let me ask them for advice!

During your sessions with your mentee, try to listen carefully and figure out when they show traits of a fixed or a growth mindset. Whenever you catch them in this mindset, even only telling them what you notice may do wonders!

And actually, have you already tried keeping an eye on your mindset? What is your preference?

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