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Our Mission

“Having the right knowledge is important, yet knowing the right people might even be more…”

At Hello Mentor we know that knowledge travels on a railway made of connections.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between study and career by matching young tech talents with experienced and to inspiring professionals.

When knowledge is exchanged, a mutual and positive development takes place on both sides.


And that’s exactly what we do:

We connect students and professionals, nurture their knowledge, and grow together.

Our Story

Hello Mentor started its first chapter when our co-founder Quincy Dalh was working as a tech career officer at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. There, he paid his expertise and experience forward by offered mentoring as a way to help students find their way. Quincy noticed that the students were missing guidance or role models in their transition from study to career, and came to him with countless questions and insecurities. 

Today, Hello Mentor continues its journey to help students by matching them with the right mentors, to overcome these insecurities and kick start their careers. At Hello Mentor, “a simple hello can lead to a million opportunities

Our team

Only a few can top Captain Q with his energy, passion and drive to empower others. With his smooth talk, a proven skill in networking and a natural talent for concept creation, Quincy is a driving force within Hello Mentor!

Quincy Dalh

Innovation and growth

Santiago is our business and technology mentor. He is always ready to advise us with his hands-on mentality and lasting experience from ING labs!

Santiago Aragon


Marta is the organizational mind behind Hello Mentor, bringing the team's ideas into life, while checking that quality of our services is kept optimal.

Marta Gómez-Navarro


If there is someone that can connect people and give advice on how to create engagement, that's Jessie! She helps us building a community and inspires people to do their best.

Jessie de Groot


What we offer

Hello Mentor offers technology- driven employers a strategic platform to attract and retain high- potential talents, increase engagement and accelerate talent development.

Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program entails at least 6 meetings of 1 hour between mentor and mentee during our 4-months program, plus meet-up and community events.

Introductory meetings between mentors and mentees
Mentor doing a masterclass

Community Events

Deep diving in topics such as mentoring skills to guide the mentors and ensure top quality of the program.

Talent Pools

Get in touch with a diverse and inclusive community of ambitious students thatwant to create links and find out more about your company.

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