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5 mentoring benefits you should know about

Mentoring helps for good, and it is not only the data proving it. One of the great things about mentoring is the tangible human and professional development created by the people in the journey together. This natural connection brings long-lasting benefits, often higher than expected – and they encompass both the mentor and the mentee’s growth.

Why successful companies employ mentoring at scale

Mentoring is a practice spread in large corporate environments – with 71% of corporates in the US Fortune 500 employing mentoring programs at scale. Why do these successful companies use them? Because investing in leadership capability pays off in increased performance, boosted efficiency, and innovation.

So…here’s five mentoring benefits you should definitely know:

  • An average 20% increase in employee retention (Wharton)
  • Enhanced job satisfaction (CNBC)
  • Quicker career progression and higher salaries (Gartner)
  • Diminished onboarding costs (
  • 6x increase on the return on investment on training (San Francisco University)  

The need for more mentoring programs

Mentoring programs are still not extensively used in most professional and academic situations. Only 37% of professionals and 25% of students have a mentor (EAB) despite the proven benefits of such practice.  Also, the pandemic has left 41% of employees burned out from their work, with 22% of employees reporting to concentrate more difficulty (SHRM). It turns out that a well-structured, inclusive, and modern mentoring program is critical not only to the well-being of workers – but to the healthy advancement of the company’s day-to-day activities.

Many of the mentoring programs hosted by companies are in-house. Such programs have the benefit of being tailored to the needs of junior employees. However, they lack the crucial opportunity to connect employees and new candidates from outside the organization. Therefore, most of these programs work as closed silos and do not let fresh ideas and talent come through the door. Given the talent shortage of the last years (especially in the IT sector) – this is a missed opportunity for the company.

An innovative way of mentoring

One of such programs is Hello Mentor – a scalable solution where the employees of a company coach talented candidates from top universities. The mentors develop coaching and leadership skills, their company boosts its employer branding – and the mentees access invaluable advice, getting ready to join the team of their mentors.

I have long enjoyed mentoring, and Hello Mentor has a good, different approach to connecting mentees and mentors. Glad I am part of the journey.

Dennis Mulder, CTO at Microsoft Netherlands

With an average rating of 8.2 out of 10 from mentors and 8.3 out of 10 from mentees, we have helped more than 145 mentors from +80 different companies like ING, Microsoft, Adyen, ASML, and +170 mentees from +15 universities like TU Delft and VU Amsterdam to achieve their goals, develop their skills, create unique networking moments, and lay solid foundations for their future.

I strongly recommend Hello Mentor. I received a position at the company where my mentor works, realizing that I want to do more! 

Claudia Grigoras, Software Engineer Trainee at ING

Ready to take advantage of all mentoring benefits?

Even if you are new to mentoring, data shows it is not only worth a try. Rather, it is an efficient practice that everyone should pursue: from startups to big companies, from students to alumni, from HR teams to boards of managers, to enhance a better professional and personal development.

Willing to know in detail how your company can benefit from our mentoring program?

Hello Mentor empowers participants to build the career they’ve only dared to dream!

Sabine Kerssens, Data & Insights at

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